Overview of the 2014 OLI Simulation Conference

A review of the 2014 OLI Simulation Conference.

OLI held its 2014 conference at the Wyndham Hamilton Hotel and Conference Center in Florham Park, New Jersey from Monday October 20 to Wednesday October 22. It was actually 5 sessions:

  • Review of the Mixed Solvent Electrolyte project (Monday October 20)
  • Review of the Corrosion Simulation Code (Monday October 20)
  • Corrosion in Refining Overheads (closed session, Monday October 20)
  • OLI Simulation Conference (Tuesday and Wednesday October 21 and 22)
  • Ultra High Temperature High Pressure Consortium meeting (Closed session Tuesday October 21).


Details of the presentations can be found on the main OLI website (authored by AQSim).  I will only point out the highlights.

There were many excellent papers presented by users of OLI software. Rusty Strong (Athlon) presented a paper where he stated “I did not know if this would work but I did not ask OLI first.” As an employee of OLI I got really nervous about statements like that. Rusty’s work showed that we worked and worked well. Whew…

The OLI side of the conference was pretty much the same as we usually do it. Marshall Rafal (Present and Founder) presented a nice heartwarming speech about the history of OLI and its future.  He correctly identified three generations of OLI Employees.

  • First Generation
    • Marshall Rafal
    • Jim Berthold
    • Robert Young
    • Pat McKenzie
  • Second Generation
    • Andre Anderko
    • Margaret Lencka
    • Peiming Wang
    • Ron Springer
    • Chris Depetris
    • Jane Mooney
    • Sandy Hogan
    • George Englehardt
    • Warren Shen
  • Third Generation
    • Jianping Liu
    • Prodip Kundu
    • Rasika Nimkar
    • SachinDaluja
    • Zousho Lu
    • Yan Ramlakhan
    • Denize Llerna

I was quite pleased (and a bit dismayed) that I am in the first generation. I guess I am getting old.

Many of the OLI Staff presented during the conference.  Several others presented demonstrations during the breaks.

Of perhaps the most important (in my not-so-humble opinion) was the presentation and demonstration of OLI Flowsheet by Sachin Daluja.  This was an impressive piece of work. I am amazed at how fast Sachin has created this code. To give him credit, I have full faith in his skills that he could have created a working code.  This wasn’t just any demo-ware. It is a full functioning Flowsheet simulator. Of course it needs many features to be added.

If you are interested in becoming a beta testing in 2015 for OLI Flowsheet please let me know.

Also demonstrated were the OLI Studio by Warren Shen, the OLI API (interface to Excel) by Zousho Lu and our new wikipedia page by Rasika Nimkar.  All did very nice demontrations.

OLI has a Wiki!

OLI now had a wikipedia page that we host internally. Here is the link wiki.olisystems.com

This site is still in its infancy but it is growing.  We are moving away from the old OLI support website as it is rapidly becoming outdated. The Wiki is much easier to maintain.  Beside OLI, AQSim is also a contributor to the wiki pages.  As time progresses we may allow end-users to add to the wiki. Time will tell.

Future Release?

Many users asked when OLI will release the next version.  The next version will be 9.2.1 of all the products. We are currently waiting some last minute data work to be completed. When that occurs it will be about 2 weeks to publish the version. Of course OLI Studio is published first, followed by ESP Original, ScaleChem Standard, Alliance Products, Developer Edition, and any others.  Each gets tested.

I would anticipate December 1, 2014 for the release but don’t hold me to it.


That’s all for now,

Jim Berthold



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