OLI Releases New Software (again!)

OLI Systems finally releases updated software.

It has been quite a trial to release this new update of the software.  I will not bore you will the details but we had some problems with the numerical engine.  Since our last series of blogs back in 2010 we have changed the way the software works.  The core of the software is called the Engine and it is the same for all of our products.  There is a single solver and a single database (per version) across the board for each product.  Long-time users of the OLI Software will recall that the OLI Analyzer had a separate installation location for the database than did OLI ESP.  This is no longer true. Only a single location exists for the database.

For all the versions of 9.1 this location of the database is:

C:\ProgramData\OLI Systems\Databanks\9.1.4

The current version of the software is version 9.1.5 so why is the the database location 9.1.4?  We for the current version of 9.1.5 we did not update the database.  In fact there could be many versions of the database installed on your computer. You have the option of using previous versions.  Here is what the database folder looks like on my computer.


You can see that I have a lot of versions installed.

OK, what got released?

The current base version is 9.1.5.  Here is what got released (along with the corresponding release notes link)

OLI Studio  9.1.5

ESP Classic 9.1.5

Aspen PLUS V7.3, V7.3.2, V8.0, V8.2, V8.4 and V8.6

Aspen HYSYS V7.3, V8.0, V8.2, V8.3, V8.4, V8.6

Unisim Design R410 and R430

What’s not supported any more?

We can’t do this forever…

Aspen Technologies has stopped supporting their products that are more than 4 versions old.  Since V8.4 is the “Official” release, no version before V8.0 is supported by Aspen Tech.  OLI Systems is not taking quite as a draconian view, we will support the versions listed above.  We have stopped supporting Aspen PLUS/HYSYS 2006.5 and earlier.

What about ScaleChem?

Yes, we are still supporting ScaleChem although it is largely replaced by OLI Studio ScaleChem.  We refer to the classical ScaleChem program as “ScaleChem Standard“.  The current version of ScaleChem Standard is 9.1.3 but we will release a version 9.1.5 sometime next week.  There were no interface changes to ScaleChem Standard but it will use the new engine and databanks.

Some users (primarily oil companies) have requested that ScaleChem Standard 4.1.11 be made available. C’mon, we have to draw the support line somewhere and it is not supported any longer. We have pulled it from our download page.  If you need a copy I will make it available via our temporary upload/download area. Just ask.

What about the other alliance partner software?

We are still supporting Schneider-Electric’s ProII as well as PSE’s gProm and Andritz’ IDEAS. We have not created new builds for them as of yet.  We can test ProII here at OLI so that will be an easy release. That should occur next week.  The others we cannot test, we have to let the partners test them.  The builds will also be created next week and given to PSE and Andritz.

That’s it…

That’s it for this week. Remember, the OLI Simulation conference is in October. If you are interested in attending check out the OLI Conference Page.

All the best,

Jim Berthold






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