Welcome Back! August 4, 2014

Welcome Back!

Wow, it’s been almost four years since our last post.  We last posted in 2010.  during that time we shifted our focus to providing a more traditional web site for technical support.  That had been a very time consuming job and now we are back to a more blog focused means of getting the word out.

Lot’s of things have occurred since we last posted. I will highlight just a few.

We’ve moved.

For 23 years OLI Systems was located in Morris Plains, New Jersey. We moved in April 1990 and out in March 2013.  We simply out grew the space.  We are now located in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey which is about 3 miles east of our former location.  We now have some space to grow but already we are nearing capacity.

Staff changes

There have been some changes to staffing since our last post.  First and foremost, Marshall Rafal, founder of OLI, has semi-retired.  After a 40 year plus career Marshall has decided to take a lesser role in the day-to-day activities in the company.  Marshall has left Andre Anderko as the Managing Director of the company.

Robert Young is also semi-retired.  After many years at OLI Systems Bob has reduced his work week to 2 days.

Adrian Ferramosca has left OLI Systems and has become a contractor to OLI.  We wish Adrian well in his endeavors.

Honggang Zhao has left OLI for Shell Oil in Houston. He continues his modeling work in sub-surface fluid flow.

We have added to our staff

  • Ali Eslamimanesh – Data developer
  • Prodip Kundu – Software developer
  • Jianping Liu – Data developer
  • Zoushu Lu – Software developer
  • Rasika Nimkar – Software Support Engineer

You can see all profiles on the OLI Staff page

Current Software

Here is the meat of the blog.  There have been may upgrades to the software including a few product name changes.   Perhaps the biggest change is that we have converted the ScaleChem program into an OLI Studio program. We now call this program the OLI Studio ScaleChem program and have re-branded the older program as ScaleChem Standard. We have also tried to use the same numerical engine for each product.  So the version number now corresponds to the “Engine”.  This also helps with our alliance products:

Here is a list of the current products and the version number.

OLI Studio (including Stream Analyzer, Corrosion Analyzer and Studio ScaleChem)  – 9.1.4

OLI ESP Original – 9.1.3

ScaleChem Standard – 9.1.3

OLI Engine in Aspen Plus (all versions) – 9.1.3

OLI Engine in Aspen HYSYS (all versions) – 9.1.3

OLI Engine in Unisim Design R430 and R410 – 9.0.14

Release cycle

You may have noticed that OLI Studio was updated to version 9.1.4 but most of the other programs are still on version 9.1.3 or lower. We were in the process of releasing the software when we found a problem in the build.  Actually there were two problems which stopped the release cycle.

OLI Studio ScaleChem

We updated some of the reports and found that the report in the “Saturator” object was not properly created for this version.  A new section was added which worked for old cases but not new cases.  Testing new features is often difficult.

Chemistry Model Generation

This affects all programs. We have had a species in the GEOCHEM (and GEMSE) database for many years.  This species is CHAMOSITE which has the following equilibrium equation (ESP notation – sorry):


This is the longest chemical equilibrium in the OLI software. The equation was valid in all versions 9.0 and earlier but it crashes out the chemistry model generator in version 9.1 and later.  We traced it down to a FORTRAN compiler optimization method which has failed.  Why it has failed is still to be determined.

Until we figure this out we have halted the release cycle.

Informing the user community

Once the aforementioned bugs are corrected we will begin the release cycle again. The next version is scheduled to be version 9.1.5 for all products. Once it is built and tested we will inform the entire OLI user community of the release.  This will be a mass-email which will take several days.  We only notify about 250 users per day to avoid our Email system tripping anti-SPAM programs.

Announcing the 26th OLI Simulation Conference

Well it’s that time again. We are holding our 26th (or is it the 27th?) OLI Simulation Conference October 21 and 22, 2014 in Florham Park, New Jersey. Click the link for more details.

Well that’s it for now. Until next time (hopefully sooner than four years),

Jim Berthold


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