OLI Updates for August 2010

Announcing new Releases

July has been busy, normally we take some time off during the summer but not this year…

OLI Analyzers and ESP have been released.

Last month we announced the changes that we have made to the code base. Now we have officially released the product. The OLI Analyzers version 3.1.4 has had the most work done. Click here for the release notes for version 3.1.4

We have also updated ESP to version 8.2.4. Click here for the release notes for version 8.2.4

The MSE Public database was also updated. Here is a list of the changes for the database:

Mixed-solvent electrolyte databank

Inorganic systems

Ammonium molybdates – H2O
FeBr2 – H2O (revision)
FeBr3 – H2O (revision)
CO2 – H2O (revision)
Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) species with various stoichiometries

Organic systems

Potassium butyrate – H2O
Calcium butyrate – H2O
Calcium heptanoate – H2O
Potassium heptanoate – H2O
H2S – hydrocarbons Viscosities of pure components

Alliance Products

Work continues on the Alliance Products. Updates for ProII are due by the end of August.  Aspen PLUS and HYSYS are due immediately after that.

All the best,

Jim Berthold

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.
OLI Knowledge base (and FAQ)


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