OLI Updates for July 2010

Happy 4th of July

OLI took some time off for the 4th of July holiday here in the United States. After barbecues, parades and fireworks we are back to work.

Announcing some new releases.

OLI has recently upgraded the solvers and the interfaces to include some new features.  As an overview we have added Standard Liquid Volume, thermal conductivity and surface tension calculations to the code.  The surface tension and thermal conductivity  is based on work done by Peiming Wang of OLI.  The standard liquid volume was created by Bob Young of OLI.  Both ESP and the Analyzers have been updated with this code.

A long standing problem of phase inclusion when sublimation has been included has been fixed.  This pesky bug resulted in different answers for phase behavior depending on the starting condition of a calculation.  This was dramatically apparent in temperature surveys.  Previously if you started a temperature survey at 25 C you obtained different answers than if you started at 50 C.  This has been resolved.

We plan on releasing both ESP and the Analyzers sometime in July.  There will be an interim announcement when that occurs.  Work continues on updating the alliance products for Unisim Design, ProII and IDEAS. These updates should be ready by August.

All the best,

Jim Berthold

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.

OLI Knowledge base (and FAQ)

  1. OLI Analyzer Installation Issues
  2. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  3. Installation problems
  4. OLI Security Issues
  5. Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI
  6. Getting Started with OLI Studio3.1
    1. Units Manager
    2. Advanced Features
    3. Setting the automatic backups
    4. Hiding curves on plots
    5. Precipitation point calculations plus solids management
    6. Using selective oxidation and reduction chemistry
    7. Creating multiple plot windows (new)
  7. Getting Started with ESP 8.2
  8. Getting started with OLI Pro
    1. Restarting the security program (SimStation)

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