OLI Updates for June 2010

Welcome to Summer!

May was a quiet month here at OLI. We actually made it a whole month without a release of the software. This doesn’t mean we did not find any problem but none so serious as to warrant a release of the software.

OLI is pleased to announce the hiring of Adrian Ferramosca. Adrian joined OLI’s team in May and is currently getting up to speed on the Fortran side of the code. We expect great things from Adrian.

Andre Anderko, Marshall Rafal and Chris Depetris attended the OLI User’s conference in Japan hosted by Kohtaroh Tanaka. About 40 users attended the conference and the current state of the OLI code base was discussed.

The Corrosion in Overhead Refining consortium is winding down with the final touches to the proprietary database being added. This was a major undertaking for the past 4 years with both experimental work and data regression work being accomplished. Contact Pat McKenzie of AQ Sim for more details on this consortium.

The training material has been updated to include some documentation on how to use the OLI user added blocks inside of Aspen PLUS. The notes are below. OLI also hosted a rare data regression course for three days here at OLI Systems. The majority of attendees were from Mississippi State University with two oil companies also in attendance. It was a worthwhile course for seriously advanced users.

The summer is upon us and some OLI staff are either on vacations or attending conferences overseas. OLI Technical support marches on.

All the best,

Jim Berthold

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.

OLI Knowledge base (and FAQ)

  1. OLI Analyzer Installation Issues
  2. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  3. Installation problems
  4. OLI Security Issues
  5. Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI
  6. Getting Started with OLI Studio3.1
    1. Units Manager
    2. Advanced Features
    3. Setting the automatic backups
    4. Hiding curves on plots
    5. Precipitation point calculations plus solids management
    6. Using selective oxidation and reduction chemistry
  7. Getting Started with ESP 8.2
  8. Getting started with OLI Pro
    1. Restarting the security program (SimStation)

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