OLI Updates for March 2010

Welcome to Spring!

March has been a busy month for OLI Systems. Andre Anderko attended the NACE Corrosion 2010 conference in San Antonio, Texas this month along with OLI’s director of business development Pat McKenzie. The show was very busy from all accounts.

Northern New Jersey (where OLI is located) experienced some severe storms this month. As a result some from OLI were out of service for several days. We are all back to work now with only a few minor problems still remaining.

Development work continues on the OLI Amine JIP project as well as the ScaleAnalyzer project.  Bug fixes and development work also continue along all the product lines.  We anticipate some new releases in the month of April.

OLI has started a knowledge base and FAQ. This is not hosted by OLI but we are populating the site as fast as we can. Other issues will be added such as a forum for users to share ideas.  Right now you can see the knowledge base here:  OLI Knowledge base (and FAQ)

With the release of Analyzers 3.1.2 OLI is now accepting crash reports from Microsoft.  When you see the infamous error message:

Please click the Send Error Report button. OLI will now receive exactly what happened to your run. This service is not in real-time. Please contact technical support for a more timely response (but still send the report).

MS Crash Report

Example crash report.

All the best,

Jim Berthold
Director of Client Relations.

ESP & Solver Updates 8.2.3

In response from our partners for Aspen Hysys and Honeywell Unisim, OLI has added a new property to our calculation engine (solver). This is the calculation of the standard-ideal-liquid volume for a stream.  This is the theoretical liquid volume for a stream at 60 F and 14.7 PSIA. In reality the stream could be all vapor or all solid but we will report this liquid volume. This fills out some holes in the interface between OLI and some of the alliance programs.

OLI Engine 8.2 for Aspen PLUS V7.1 (Chemistry Wizard)

For quite some time OLI has provided a windows based chemistry generator for Aspen PLUS. We call this the Chemistry Wizard.  User have complained that they could not use private databases with the Chemistry Wizard.  For the moment, the elegant solution eludes us but we have provided a procedure that allows for the use of private databases. Please click the link to find out out: Private Databases

Installation Help

With the release of ESP 8.2 and Analyzers 3.1 we have included some diagnostic help for installing the software. Sometimes the software fails to install and there is no reason we can detect. Now the user can generate a log file to help OLI diagnose what may be the problem.  For a list of procedures click here: Installation Help

We have had some issues with users downloading our installation files to shared drives. This occurs frequently with Microsoft Server 2003. Microsoft has issued a patch for this See this link: Server Patch

Release Status


version 4.0 build 3 (4.0.3) has been released which fixed some minor issues. These are:

  • Fixed random crashes
  • Updated the Add Mixer dialog to show the fraction of the second stream
  • Fixed a failure in the Add Mixer calculation when opening from old cases. The total brine flow was not read correctly.
  • When you left the results tab, you had to re-calculate to view the results again. This screwy logic was corrected.


Version 3.1 build 3 (3.1.3) is under development and not yet ready for release.  There is no time table for the release. The current list of bug fixes can be found here:


Version 8.2 build 3 (8.2.3) is also still under development. There is a major upgrade that standard ideal liquid volume is being added to the database. This will support holes found in the alliance products. There is no time table for the release.

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.

OLI Knowledge base (and FAQ)

  1. OLI Analyzer Installation Issues
  2. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  3. Installation problems
  4. OLI Security Issues
  5. Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI
  6. Getting Started with OLI Studio3.1
    1. Units Manager
    2. Advanced Features
    3. Setting the automatic backups
    4. Hiding curves on plots
  7. Getting Started with ESP 8.2
  8. Getting started with OLI Pro
    1. Restarting the security program (SimStation)

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