OLI Studio, Aspen PLUS OLI Updated

Some updates to the software:

OLI Studio 3.1.2 has been released.  There has been many fixes to the software. Check the Release Notes for more details.

ESP version 8.2 has been out for some time but OLI had never updated the User Guide. Well that has finally occurred.  The User Guide was updated for version 8.2 but does not include much new material except for some of the OLI Support Guides that have been written over the years.  Here is a link to the new user guide: ESP v8.2 User Guide

ScaleChem version 4.0 was released in January 2010. We did not make much noise about this release. Some of the features we changed were

  • Added new heavy hydrocarbons,  C21,  C22, C23, C24, C25, C30, C35 and C40.
  • Added some neutral inorganic species to the input
    • HCl
    • HBr
    • H2SO4
    • HNO3
    • Boric Acid
    • SiO2
    • N2
  • Removed some uncommon solid phases from the solid selection dialogs
  • Removed some uncommon ions from the brine entry dialogs
  • Renamed species to more familiar names
  • Updated the menu items to be easier to use
  • Created a new brine entry dialog (but allows  you to use the old form as well)
  • Updated various calculation dialogs to be easier to use

We have also made some more subtle updates. Check the release notes for ScaleChem 4.0 for more details.

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.

  1. OLI Analyzer Installation Issues (new)
  2. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  3. OLI Security Issues

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