OLI Engine for Aspen PLUS Updated

The OLI Engine 8.2 has been updated for Aspen PLUS 7.1

We have upgraded the OLI  Engine (version 8.2.1) for Aspen PLUS 7.1. We decided to upgrade the numerical solvers to match the rest of the OLI products. This upgrade also upgrades the databases to the same version as ESP 8.2.1 and Analyzers 3.1.1.We now hope to avoid the issues that the different OLI products gave slightly different answers due to differences in versions.  You can review the OLI Release notes for ESP and the databases to see what has been updated.

Another major improvement is that we have updated the OLI blocks in Aspen PLUS – EFLASH and EFRACH.  In the 7.x version of Aspen PLUS the forms did not load correctly which has now been fixed.

We also updated the Chemistry Wizard for OLI to properly include REDOX chemistry.

Till Next time

Jim Berthold

Director of Customer Relations.


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