OLI ScaleChem 4.0 Released

Happy New Year from OLI Systems

The start of the new year has become a busy time for OLI. We spent the last several months upgrading our ScaleChem program. We are pleased to announce the release of ScaleChem 4.0.  This new program features some major improvements to the user interface as well as using the latest solvers that are also used in OLI Studio and ESP.  The new version of ScaleChem also uses the latest database updates found in our aqueous PUBLIC database.

Check out What’s new in ScaleChem 4.0 for more details.  You can download the latest software from the OLI Downloads page

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One Response to “OLI ScaleChem 4.0 Released”

  1. Charles Meyer Says:

    I am a new user of SchaleChem 4.0. I just started entering some data from a produced water analysis and I am confused by the conversion between units for alkalinity. If I put in alalinity as 1 meq/L and then change units to mg/L HCO3-, it gives me 61.02 – so far so good. But then if I change units to mg/L CaCO3, it gives me 74.39 whereas it should be giving me 50. It looks like its multipying by 1.22 (ratio of MW of CaCO3 to HCO3- = 100/61) instead of dividing by 1.22 to go from HCO3- to CaCO3. Is this a problem in the conversion, or am I looking at this wrong?

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