OLI Studio 3.1 and ESP 8.2 Released

In this issue:

  • Announcing the release of the OLI Studio 3.1 and ESP 8.2 programs
  • Updates to the OLI Network License manager 2.1
  • Real-time support from OLI
  • DynaChem updates
  • Technical Support Website Updates

Announcing the Release of OLI Studio 3.1 and ESP 8.2

We have struggled all fall to update our products and we have finally updated the OLI Studio (formerly known as the Analyzers) and ESP. Here are a brief list of changed we made:

OLI Studio 3.1 (Build 1)

  • The toolbar buttons have been enhanced to properly select databases.
  • The report window has hyperlinked headers which allow you to modify the contents of that section rather than using the Customize button.
  • We have sorted the plot variables alphabetically for easier sorting
  • Many times we have variables which are of zero value. You can not hide them if you wish by right-clicking the grids.
  • The Mixed Solvent Electrolyte database has been updated.

See the release notes for all the changes to the OLI Studio

ESP 8.2 (Build 1)

  • The output files for ESP are now defaulted to the CSV (comma, separated, variable) format rather than the text file.
  • Slow keyboard responses for users of Windows Vista and 7 have been sped up.
  • Selective Oxidation and Redox couples are now implemented. You can select specific oxidation states during Redox rather than considering all of the possible states. This solves a problem for nitrogen when Redox is selected. All the nitrogen species end up as N2 in the past. Now you can turn off N(0)
  • Pressure functionality was added to the activity coefficients for the MSE model.


We just ESP 8.1.10 out the door and we found a bug in a rather dark and seldom visited corner of the code. Component flow controllers did not work if the measuring point was a node.  Nodes only store temperature, pressure, volume and phase flow.  We added the ability to control on a component flow by re-flashing the node to obtain the actual composition. This adds some overhead to the calculation.

We have added mass-flow controllers. In previous versions of DynaChem we only allowed volumetric-flow controllers. This is a great improvement and will be introduced in version 8.2.1

See the ESP release notes

Updated License Manger 2.1

We have updated the OLI Network License Server program to make it easier to install program. In previous versions you had to first install the program than load the various serial numbers and product codes. Now we automatically enter them from the license file supplied by OLI. This makes the IT department’s job a whole lot easier.

Real-time Support

OLI Systems has now licensed GoToAssist (related to GoToMeetings) as a method of providing real-time support for our users. This program allows OLI to look at your actual installation to see what may be wrong with the OLI installations.  You need to download a small program and then grant OLI permission to look at your computer.  This is exciting technology and allows OLI to quickly solve problems.  We recently had big successes with customers in Australia, Korea and Wisconsin using GoToAssist.

Training and Support

The training website has been updated with some new material. Here is a current list of what is available. For this version I have added some links to the various support sites.

  1. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  2. OLI Security Issues
  3. Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI
  4. Getting Started with OLI Studio 3.0
  5. Getting Started with ESP 8.1
  6. Getting started with OLI Pro

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