Announcing Technology Partners Week

OLI Announces its annual Technology Partner Week

During the week of October 19 in Morristown, NJ OLI will hold its annual Technology Partner Week.  Most of OLI’s staff are involved and support response will be delayed.

Some of the projects that will be covered are the:

  • Mixed Solvent Electrolyte Project
    • This project has been underway for many years. Currently we are in phase 4 of the project. We are almost done and will be announcing plans for phase 5. Open to all OLI licensees
  • Corrosion
    • Like the MSE project, this has been ongoing for many years. We are also announcing plans for the next project. Open to all OLI licensees
  • Chemistry in Refining Overheads Project
    • We are nearing the end of this project which combined both experimental and data regression work. It was a difficult project. This meeting will summarize what we have done and announce plans for the deployment of the data. Members only are allowed to attend.
  • Process Water Group (a/k/a Scale Analyzer Project)
    • Year 1 is at an end and we will show the front-end of the software. The user group will review the current software and discuss plans for the next release. Open to members only.

Plan on attending if you desire. Space is limited. Contact Sandy Hogan at OLI Systems. 01 973-539-5996


Jim Berthold
Director of Customer Relations.


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