Welcome to Fall

General Updates

The summer saw some significant upgrades to our alliance partner programs. The interfaces for Aspen PLUS, Aspen HYSYS and SimSci’s ProII were all updated. The release of those products are determined by the respective partners. This was not an easy undertaking.  As a results we have skipped several version numbers for the Analyzer and ESP lines of the software. The new releases will be Analyzers 3.0.10 and ESP 8.1.10.

Databank updates

It has been a while since the last update to the databanks. For the new releases of ESP and the Analyzers we have updated the database. Please review the release notes for the databanks to see what has changed.

Analyzer Updates

There will be some minor updates for Analyzer 3.0.  The next build is scheduled to be 3.0.10 due sometime in September.  We did discover that some older version 2.0 files did not open correctly in 3.0.  The issues were twofold, the first being that some new arrays introduced in later versions of 2.0 were not set up in the earlier versions. When opened in 3.0 these missing arrays caused a crash.  Second, some models are automatically rebuilt when opening the file, there were some timing issues that caused the older 2.0 files to crash when opening in 3.0. This was all corrected for the upcoming build.

Occasionally the Analyzers corrupted a file when it saved. We found the cause and have added protections to prevent this from happening. We also found some solver problems that will be addressed under the ESP section below.

Please check the release notes for all the updates for this version of the Analyzers.

ESP Updates

ESP is getting some minor updates. We found a problem with rebuilding model definition files (MDL) from existing MOD files. The automatic re-builder did not honor the existing thermodynamic framework.  The new MDL file was always defaulted to the Aqueous Framework.  This was corrected for build 8.1.10 (note, we are skipping builds 8.1.7, 8.1.8 and 8.1.9 to keep pace with the OLI Anlyzers whose current build is 3.0.8)

A bug was detected that in MSE 2nd liquid cases the initializer occasionally would consider a single phase a a pure phase and not calculate an equilibrium condition. This was corrected

Problems were found in the API-8 code for pseudocomponents and assays. Certain names did not work properly.

The extended thermodynamic property reports for Gibb’s Free Energy and Entropy have been written to separate files for ESP. The column headings for Entropy were misleading which has now been cleared up.

MSE: Major issue was detected with ions in the 2nd liquid phase. They were not properly accounted for in the mass balance. This could lead to numerical instability when the ion concentrations were large. This was corrected.

MSE Bubble point prediction calculations for 2nd liquid phase cases were improved.

Please check the release notes for all the updates to ESP 8.1.10


CSP is been largely superseded by the Corrosion Analyzer but some of the code is still shared.

Stability diagrams had lost the ability to display the natural pH of the solution. This feature was restored

Stability diagrams for MSE required a small amount of H2O to be present in the calculation to calculate the PH of the solution. We now add 1.0E-12 * total stream amount (in moles)


DynaChem, a program that was almost lost to antiquity, has seen a major round of updates in the recent months.  A problem with vectored input was discovered. Vectored input field are allowed on many operations to schedule events. This did not properly work for valves when scheduling a valve to close. The time of the closed valve event was not recorded which made the plot routine skip points. This was updated to work properly

A problem was found in PIPE units.  Adiabatic calculations were still performed even if discharge temperatures were specified. This caused unexpected temperatures. This was corrected.

We upgraded the numbering system in DynaChem.  Previously you could only have numbers up to 99 for any unit, node, valve, control loop, etc. Now the number has been increased to 999,999. Internally the numbers are remapped to the original set of numbers.


I have added some extensive training and help documentation to the OLI Support website. Here is a brief list of what has been updated:

  1. How to import data from Excel in to the Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) program.
  2. OLI Security Issues
    • Security Test Program
    • Serial Numbers
    • Hardlock devices
    • Invalid Keys
    • Missing drivers
    • Static Security Provider Errors
    • Registry Settings
    • Install and use Network Security
  3. Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI
  4. Getting Started with OLI Studio 3.0
    • Units Manager
  5. Getting Started with ESP 8.1

As you can see I have made a good start but there is much more to do.

Slow updates

I have been slow in posting some updates. I was on a mini vacation to attend a wedding in Lansing, Michigan and then underwent some minor surgery. It was all planned and I am doing much better. I will post more frequently now that I am back to work.


Jim Berthold


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