New Video Training added

Out of the office

It’s been some time since the last update. I have been out office for training. I was at the Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina for a training course that went over quite well. After that I took some time off for the Memorial Day Holiday. I am now back in the office resuming my normal support activities.

There has been a major push to update the OLI Analyzer, we have added or fixed many outstanding items. The release of the software is scheduled for next week.

– Jim

Aspen Plus OLI Video and Training

I have been asked several times in the past month how to work with Aspen PLUS and how to link in OLI.   I have created a video (about 10 minutes long). Here is the link:

Getting started with OLI and Aspen PLUS

I also have text materials that cover much of the same material. Here is a link to the Aspen PLUS OLI Introduction Course

Aspen PLUS OLI 2006.5

We recently released a new version of the installation set for Aspen PLUS OLI for version 2006.5. Unfortunately we incorporated the latest OLI Chemistry Wizard for Aspen ONE 7.1. This will not work with earlier versions. We pushed a new build for download. Our apologies.

Analyzer validation sets

Occasionally users ask to have a certified validation test set. We don’t do this often but I have placed a certified test set for the OLI Analyzers version 2.0.56 on the support web site.  We are actually up to version 3.0.6 but we have a new tester/validation program for that which we can make available.

Here is a link to the older validation set.

An odd error message from the Lab Analysis program

Occasionally, when reconciling a water sample, the user will get an error message similar to this:

Mass from inflow H4SiO4 lost due to missing species

This message was generated because of an odd condition that can occur in the Lab Analysis section of the program. In the definition grid there is a place for you to enter neutral concentrations. Originally this was intended as a place to enter species such as boric acid (H3BO3) or carbon dioxide (CO2). Those species actually have molecular forms in water. In the OLI naming convention we would have CO2AQ and H3BO3AQ as species.

Unfortunately this grid entry location of “Neutrals” also became a place to enter inflow species that have no charge.  There is an inflow species named H4SiO4 in the database. Examination of this species reveals that there are no AQ entries for this species. In layman’s terms, this species completely dissociates in water.  Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is another such species. When you put NaCl into water it completely dissociates leaving no molecular form in solution. Once again in the OLI naming convention there is no NACLAQ species.

Unfortunately the Lab Analysis program in the Stream Analyzer is built on the assumption that when you enter a species in the “Neutral” grid location that there is a neutral species in the model.  If that is not true then the entered mass is discarded prompting the above error message.

We have updated the OLI Analyzer code to warn you if such a condition exists. If you get this error message you need to redistribute your entered “Neutral” species (which is really an “Inflow Only” species) into ions.

Till Next time



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