Aspen Updates and more

Aspen PLUS 2006.5 Updated

As mentioned last week, we found an installer bug with Aspen PLUS OLI for 2006.5. We can not explain it but we were testing to see if the Aspen PLUS 2006.0 folders existed and then copied files there. If you never had 2006.0 installed then our installer also failed. We have updated the installer to look at the correct folder.

The Aspen PLUS 2006.5 patch I mentioned last week is also incorporated into this build.  The build was pushed to the OLI download site.

OLI Analyzers 3.0.7 is born

Sigh, it seems like we can not go a week without creating a new build of the software. We recently found a bug in the Gibb’s and Entropy calculations in the Analyzers. There was an array mismatch between the Fortran side and the interface side. We have fixed this and will probably push a new build to the download site late in the week.

We also found a rather odd error in our network security. The user has to specify the name or IP address of the license manager server in the Security Options. When entering in the name or the address an error occurred about an “Invalid Binding”. The oddity is that the error message is in error if you typed the name in correctly. The dialog did accept this entry but threw out the error message. This has been fixed for this new release.

ScaleChem and Vista

We thought that ScaleChem 3.2 was compatible with Microsoft Vista but we were wrong.  Although the calculations are completely fine, the help system will not work. What we found is that Microsoft is no longer supporting the old WinHelp32 system that has been around since Windows 3.1. Unfortunately we originally wrote the Scalechem help system with WinHelp32.

There is no solution. We are considering rewriting the help system in the more modern HTML forms but that will be a long time coming.


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