ESP, DynaChem and the rest of the OLI Software

OLI Analyzer Studio 3.0.6 Released

We have found some bugs in the latest release and we have updated the code. The biggest code change was to the Pourbaix diagrams which were disabled in the previous build. You can see a list of all the updates to this build by clicking the release notes link:

Release Notes

ESP 8.1.6 has been released

With the creation of ESP version 8.1 OLI has moved the location of the databooks from C:\Program Files\OLI Systems\ESP 8.0\Databanks to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OLI Systems\ESP 8.1\Databanks (or for Microsoft Vista C:\Documents\All Users\Application Data\OLI Systems\ESP 8.1\Databanks).  This was done since under Vista the creation of a private database (especially for the Analyzers) is prohibited in the Program Files folder tree.

The problem is that with ESP version 8.1 build 4 we did not allow for all the files necessary for a new databook to be created. The length of the name for the PUBLIC database folder was too long. We have adjusted the program to allow for the longer name lengths.

Read all the release notes for ESP here.

OLI Network Security Installation Video

There has been much confusion recently on how to install and use the OLI Network Security program. I have created a short video on how to use and run the program. You can view the video here:

OLI Network Security Provider 2.0


DynaChem, dormant for many years, is getting a new lease on life. We have upgraded DynaChem to model the settling of mining ponds in Alberta, Canada. This has exposed some deficiencies in the code. We recently found that cases created in ESP/DynaChem 8.0 were not properly read in version 8.1. Version 8.1.6 will correct that issue.

Aspen 2006.5 Patch

We have detected a problem with a vapor – organic phase existence check in the code. This has been updated in the ESP and Analyzer code bases for quite some time. We have recently updated the Aspen code for Aspen ONE 7.1 but have only recently retrofitted Aspen PLUS 2006.5. You can download a zipped version of the ppoli.dll program. This file needs to be installed in the C:\Program Files\AspenTech\AprSystem 2006.5\Engine\Xeq folder. Use at your own risk.

Aspen 2006.5 Patch

Aspen 2006.5 Installation

Although Aspen One 7.1 has been officially released by Aspen Technologies many users are still using Aspen Plus 2006.5.  As such, OLI still needs to maintain this older code.  We have found an odd installation issue with Aspen OLI 2006.5 in that our installer thinks it wants to install to the Apsen 2006.0 folders. This is fine if you had Aspen Plus 2006.0 installed but errors occured if you did not.

We will issue the  new installation next week.

Till then,

Jim Berthold


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