ScaleChem patches and other picture post cards

ScaleChem patch for Version 3.2 Build 58

Way back in the dark ages, OLI included some solid organic (non-acid) species. These were to simulate waxes in petroleum fractions. We found that these solids had poor thermodynamic properties and were removed from the mainline OLI databases. We missed updating the ScaleChem databases and now you could get the dreaded “Missing Species” error message.

The errant species were C18H38PPT, C19H40PPT and C20H42PPT.  The access table was updated.

A patch is available until the next version of ScaleChem.

Download the patch and put the archived file into the folder C:\Program Files\OLI Systems\ScaleChem 3.2\AccessDB

ESP Documentation update

Multi-stage  condenser types are not well documented in the ESP manuals. A new tips document (83) was written to fill the gap in documentation. You can get a copy of the tips document from the tips page on the support website.

Tips 83: Condenser Types

OLI Analyzer Studio

We have found a rather serious error in the creation of Pourbaix diagrams (Electrochemical Potential v. pH). Apparently we made a change for a single user that has disabled all diagrams in version 3.0.5. What we found is that this simple change caused an array to exceed over 500 mB of RAM. This frequently caused a virtual memory error.

We re-evaluated what were are doing in this array and have adjusted its properties such that we only allocate what we need to use which is many times smaller. This will be included in the next release of OLI Analyzer Studio.

Analyzer 3.0 training video

I have created another training video for the Analyzers 3.0. This  is how to use the custom object palate. Click this link to view the video

Till next time

Jim Berthold


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