Update for the OLI Analyzers

OLI Analyzer 3.0.5 Released

Well, so much for beta testing. We thoroughly tested the beta copy of OLI Analyzer 3.0 and thought it was  ready for release.  After it was released we found a few problems. You can see the detailed release notes here: 3.0 Release notes

The short list of what was fixed is:

  • The concentrations of species in the second liquid phase were not reported in the Aqueous (H+) model.
  • The conversion from mole percentage to moles was incorrect when the following unit set was selected
    • Stream Amount = Kg
    • Species Amount = Mole %
  • The reconciliation of alkalinity add too much titrant when the measured and calculated pH were too close (almost exact). This was a trivial case but it needed to be corrected.

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