Where did OLI hide it’s Databases and other assorted tips and tricks


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Where are my databases?

Exporting Data

MSE Density

SimSci ProII

Petroleum Fractions

Where are my databases?

OLI has long been plagued by having multiple database across its many programs. OLI is moving to combine all of its databases into a central location. To begin that process we have moved the OLI ESP and Analyzer databases from the C:\Program Files folder tree to a folder that usually has write access.

The folder is for ESP 8.1

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application

Data\OLI Systems\ESP 8.1\Databanks

and for Analyzers 3.0 the folder is

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application

Data\OLI Systems\Analyzer 3.0\Databanks

If you have any private databases that you want to be used from any location on your computer then we recommend that you move then to the ESP 8.1 folder.

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Exporting Database Entries

There have been times that a user needs to export data from an ESP format database into another database. This is not well explained in the ESP manuals. I have created a short (about 2 minutes) video that explains how to do this procedure. Click here for the Database Exporting Tutorial.

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MSE Density Update

Occasionally we find a mistake in the OLI code. What we found this time was that the MSE UNIQAC density parameters were mislabeled internally in the code. We fixed this but it potentially could invalidate old databases. We took the extra time to protect against this but users of the data regression programs will have to be aware of the updated parameters. I have placed an updated document on the support web site. Here is a direct link to the document: MSE parameters

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SimSci’s ProII

We have been working very hard to update Invensys’s ProII w/OLI alliance product. We have revamped the Chemistry Wizard and have updated the core electrolyte solver to be consistent with OLI’s ESP code. The current code base is ESP 8.1.4. We also introduced OLI’s pseudocomponents and assays to ProII. There have been some other updates as well to the OLI Chemistry Wizard.

We now allow you to enter inter solids.Specifically we have four predefined types, Ash, Carbon, Coal and Coke. Each has a predefined enthalpy and density. These values can be overwritten by the user during the model generation phase. These options are also available for the current Aspen PLUS OLI Chemistry Wizard.

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Petroleum Fractions

OLI has recently purchaced the American Petroluem Institutes API 8.0 methods book. We are busily updating our ASTM to True Boiling Point conversions. These are of the classical set D86, D1160 and D2887. These updates will make it into the overall OLI Product line later this year.

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Till next time

Jim Berthold


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